Primeline Shear With Front Return


Equipment Description

The Primeline sheet metal shear, M Series of mechanical guillotine cutting is ideally suited for light 16ga requirements. The direct drive design provides efficient operation and economical cost.

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 Features of this shear include the following

  • Robust, welded steel construction on the
  • All moving parts in maintenance-free bearings
  • Rapid manual blade gap adjustment
  • Rigid all-steel plate, welded construction of frame
  • 40″ left hand squaring arm
  • Solid hold down/finger guard with non-slip rubber pad
  • Low voltage at the controls
  • Movable foot pedal with emergency stop button on a trailing lead
  • Virtually noiseless, geared brake-motor on this
  • High carbon, high chrome blades
  • Primeline has a selector switch for single stroke/inching
  • 28″ manual, rear-operated back gaug
  • Front support
  • Electrics for 3/60/220/440
  • Emergency stop button

Options on the Primeline sheet metal shear.

  • Pneumatic sheet support
  • Power front-operated back gauge with LED readout
  • Longer squaring arms

Disappearing stops


Quality, low profile mechanical shears ideally suited for up to 5/32″ mild steel and 12 ga. stainless steel.


  • Fast cycle time
  • Robust, welded steel construction
  • Rapid blade gap adjustment
  • 25″ manual rear-operated Back Gauge with inch/metric scale
  • 40″ left-hand Squaring Arm, with scale in inches, fitted with Squaring Guide and one Retractable Stop
  • 2 front Support Arms PRIMELINE SHEET METAL SHEAR
  • Accurate Upper Blade Beam guiding system
  • Easy blade re-setting
  • Movable Foot Pedal on a trailing lead


  • Power front-operated, 25″ Back Gauge with electronic inch/metric Digital Readout (in place of standard manual rear-operated Back Gauge)
  • Additional Squaring Arms in 5′, 6′, 8′, & 10′ lengths
  • Disappearing Stops
  • Pneumatic Sheet Support Device PRIMELINE SHEET METAL SHEAR




Item Number 1014
Country of Manufacture Turkey
Back Gauge Length 28″
Shear Length 122″
Motor 5 hp
Thickness (SS) 14 ga. (18 ga.)
Strokes Per Minute 22
Front Gauge Length 24″
Blade Angle
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 8,200 lbs.
Minimum Material Thickness 24ga
Shipping Dimensions 150″ x 40″ x 56″

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