SSQ™ MultiPro – Roof Panel Machine – Options

FWQ Flush Wall / Soffit / Underdeck Profile
AVAILABLE NOW for the SSQ Roof Panel Machine! This unique new flush
wall profile is not available on any other portable rollforming machine.
It offers easily adjustable reveal from 0″ to 3″.  Runs up to 22 gauge.
Accommodates Hot Melt Technologies sealant system.
TR12 Trailer
NATM Compliant, 12,000 lb. tandem axle trailer used for towing any NTM roofing machine directly to the jobsite. Equipped with crane lifting eyes, 4 drop-foot jack stands and electric brakes w/ breakaway kit.
______________________________________________________DR1 – Dual Overhead Reel StandMachine mount overhead stand for holding up to two Expandable Arbors with coil or two De-coiler Reels with coil for a combined total capacity of 6,000 lbs.
DR01-EX – Expandable Arbor
Used for holding coil. This arbor expands to the inside diameter of the coil for faster, easier loading. Can accommodate coils with 16” to 20” ID. Capacity is 3,000 lbs. when used with Dual Overhead Reel Stand or Single Free Standing De-Coiler.

– Quick Change Power Pack
Used to quickly field convert machine from gas engine to electric motor and back again as needed.

GAS 16 Hp Electric Start Engine

7.5 Hp, 220VAC, 60Hz, 3Ph, 18Amps
ELEC3 5 Hp, 380VAC, 50 Hz, 3Ph, 8 Amps
ELEC4 7.5 Hp, 460VAC, 60 Hz, 3Ph, 9 Amps
ELEC5 5 Hp, 220VAC, 50 Hz, 1Ph, 21 Amps
ELEC6 5 Hp, 220VAC, 60 Hz, 1Ph, 20 Amps
PLC09 – Computer Control
New Tech Machinery’s new computer controller was developed after years of customer feedback.  The controller integrates a myriad of options and features that end users have requested.  Operation of the controller is designed for simplicity, with help and error screens to assist the user.

Key Features

  • Water Resistant Carrying Case
  • Easy Touch Screen Operation with Adjustable Brightness
  • Program up to 99 Jobs or Lengths
  • Calibrate on the Fly
  • Calibrate using a part run from a programmed job to save coil
  • Password protection
  • Separate supervisor and user permissions to track machine and coil usage
  • Track Material
  • Totalizing counter with password protected reset
  • Track 3 separate coils differentiated by color with password protection capability
  • Integrated Coil Length Calculator
  • Measure the coil dimensions and calculate the approximate length
  • Auxiliary Shearing
  • Help and Error Screens
    Click here to view the Computer Controller video:

DRC09 – Computer Control
Program 50 different lengths with quantities from 1 to 999. Machine will automatically run, measure, cut and re-start after panel is removed from shear.
– Single Free Standing De-Coiler
A Remote stand used at the entry end of the machine to hold one Expandable Arbor with coil or one De-Coiler Reel with coil. Total capacity 3,000 lbs.Shown with optional DR01-EX
– Hot Melt Sealant Pump Interface
Ten Ft. (3m) Sections of Variable Height Run Out Table
RR1 thru RR6
– Pencil, Bead, V and Striation Rollers
A variety of ribs used to aesthetically enhance standing seam panels.
Machine Cover
Machine Cover K-Tex synthetic canvas material,
form fitted to body of machine.